Christian Cruz

Visual Design
& Front-end development

Hello, I am a visual designer with coding skills based in Dallas.
I have experience with branding, digital design, UI/UX and front-end development.

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Previous employers include:

  • Logo ogilvy
  • Logo hbo
  • Logo dieste
  • Logo nobox
  • Logo jwt


a case study on a fintech startup

Budgit is an automated budgeting web app that keeps you on track with your money and helps you save for your goals.

Working in an early stage startup gives you the opportunity to wear different hats. As a designer, I had the freedom to define the tone of voice and design everything from scratch. As a front-end developer, I was able to see my design come to life and have a better understanding of how each process affects each other.

The logo conveys the way Budgit works behind the scene: It takes your income and distributes it into 3 buckets of things you need to pay for, things you want, and saving goals.

  • Budgit_logo
  • Budgit_logotype

  • Budgit_Branding



budgit_newuser_flow ui_budgit

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Previous UI work

Here's a couple of samples showcasing my Visual design work done in the past, where I was in charge of designing the user interfaces for websites, mobile apps, and games.

Other Work Samples

The following are samples of illustrations, logos, infographics, UI design, and other design work I did for digital and print campaigns as well as social media for various clients.