A family of tools to accelerate the work of processing vehicles in and out of Copart yards.

UX Design - Christian Cruz

Copart is a global leader in online car auctions featuring used, wholesale and salvage vehicles.
Problem & Goal:
The company had been using  the same CAS system since it's foundation. It's rapid success and growth required a friendlier and more scalable infrastructure to work with data. The IT team decided to migrate its work to a network of inter-connected web applications to better suit Copart's needs and services.
Computer Algebra Systems are powerful and secure mathematical softwares, however, the unfriendly user-interface makes it impossible to expand applications in a meaninful way. Transitionning to desktop applications made it possible for the team to build modular and scalable solutions based on assignments. The following are some of the interfaces I designed for these applications:

The Dispatch application gives users the possibility to find inventory based on location and statuses of jobs and vehicles.

Dispatch could switch between map and table view, giving the user several options to filter data as well as take actions on lots without having to leave the main page.

Once at the yards, vehicle inspection is processed rapidly and in detail with Lot Review.

Yard managers have clear insights on the progress of their facilities with management dashboards.

Facility personnel can now schedule the workload via calendar applications that sync with customers mobile apps.

When auctions are final, buyers can schedule and monitor their pickups or delivery through a mobile app

Some of the yards can hold up to 6500 vehicles at times and forklift drivers need to be able to locate the vehicles that need to transported out as well as find available spots for new inventory. They manage this work through an application they use on the go.

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